Welcome to the StartUp Academy!

If you look around the Internet these days you'll see the word Startup associated with High Tech companies that are located in trendy "hubs" in places like San Francisco, Surry Hills (Sydney) and Israel - to name just a few. These technology startups are creating online software services "in the cloud" that replace traditional software programs or they're building apps for smart phones. That's NOT what our startup academy is about..

We're about helping ordinary people start and run their own businesses from home.

Real Business Startups for Ordinary People

Australia is a country built on small business because we are all willing to give it a go! We want to help people who want to start their own business by combining a small business Startup, Marketing, Sales and Management courses with the support and mentoring from existing businesses.

These business opportunities enable people will specialist skills to operate a business as an independent contractor from their own home office and it enables businesses to utilise people with specialist skills regardless of where they are located, thanks to the Internet.

Service Based Businesses

Business can be broadly categorised this way:

  1. Farming/agriculture (the original industry)
  2. Industrial (China is a good example) and
  3. Service-based businesses (accounting, legal, sales and marketing etc)

China is a leader in manufacturing because they have a large workforce that is suited to repetitive work at a low cost.

Countries that are seen as advanced have more service based businesses that often combine these products with the services required to use them.

Get Smart to Provide Service

Service-based business are built on knowledge and Customer Service. The knowledge of software, of systems, of processes, of management etc and it's the result of better education and more specialised needs. You can see it clearly in home based services like cleaning, mowing, baby sitting - these are things that many people would have done for themselves several decades ago but because they no longer have the time they outsource them to people who specialise.

Training + Opportunities

We combine education about starting, managing and and growing a business, with existing businesses systems, support and mentoring so YOU can jump into one of these opportunities and have a good chance of success.

These businesses opportunities don't require a university degree and 5 years experience and are services that every business needs. If you have the drive to learn something new and provide great customer service then read on.

Are You The Right Person?

In this new age of "service-based" business opportunities everybody has the chance to build equity in their own business and start to take control of their destiny. Great success requires great responsibility so you need to be the right person to run your own business and if you have the drive we have the systems and support.

If you have the right attitude and are willing to listen to your mentors and customers and learn the systems that our opportunity partners have created then read on about the Business Opportunities available through the StartUp Academy.

Business Opportunities

Earnings Guarantee

If you are the right person there is an opportunity to have guaranteed earnings when you sign up to one of the opportunities. Call us and ask if you have any questions.

Become an Independent Contractor

Learn about what it takes to become an independent contractor and work from home.

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