Training and Education Course Creation and Support

Online Inductions for contractors and staff is a growing area in Australia. WH&S laws put the responsibility for training onto the owners, directors and managers of companies to ensure that they perform “due diligence” in informing their workers (both employees and contractors) about risks at their site. Training is also very important to educate employees about how the company’s products and services work, how to provide good customer service and how to navigate their way around the company.

Companies that work in high skilled areas need to provide evidence that they are keeping their employees up-to-date with current events, rules and laws (ie. accountants, financial advisers, bookkeepers, lawyers etc). There is a requirement for ongoing education and training for all of these professions and many more, but we’ve found that good companies that want to ensure their staff are all on the same page provide ongoing and regular education.

Join this team to learn about online induction course creation, learning management systems and student enrolment and course management. You’ll need to be a confident computer user and be able to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll have an opportunity to learn to record audio on top of a powerpoint presentation, convert that into a video format, host that videos at a video hosting service and implementing it into a learning management system and supporting the people who use it.

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