Craft Beer Factory

Craft beer and craft beer breweries have grow massively in Australian and around the world as the worlds population shifts back to it’s “maker” roots and people start to create their own beers. This has seen a shift in the range of beers available around our cities and spawned a new type of pub built in old factories that were previously used for smash repairers and other small industries.

These craft beer factories create a wide variety of different beers that encourage a beer mentality of creativity and variety. Although the new age of beer connoisseurs want to spend their social time drinking new and interesting beers they do discover their favourites and after some time stick to and recommend them, but the new beer culture is to enable everyone to have a go.

Having a go is as Australian as drinking beer so this new craft beer culture is an ideal business idea for an unused factory unit in your local area. Explore this business idea when you do the business startup course.

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