Mobile Self Storage

This business opportunity has been made famous by companies like Taxibox and PODS and the concept is relatively simple. It involves self-storage of your personal or business belongings, but rather than a lock up garage you get a lockup storage box stored in a central location in your city. The key advantage for users of this service is that the storage boxes are delivered to you and then collected once you fill them up, and taken to the central storage area for storing.

We believe that there are many possibilities for smart business people to participate in various parts of this business chain. There are aspects that are expensive and require a big financial commitment, like having a storage facility but the other aspect of delivering the box and collecting it when it’s full is something that anyone with a truck can do. In fact two men and a truck is what defines most removalists so it would be easy for someone like that to deliver and collect storage boxes or pods and they could deliver them to any number of storage facilities in your local city.

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