Electronic Visitor Management

Features of Electronic Visitor Management

With electronic visitor management systems companies have fantastic new information at their finger tips:

  • Always know who is Onsite via the Site Admin Dashboard?
  • Filtering of visitors to the departments they’re visiting
  • Electronic history of who visited, where they went and when they started and finished

If you have to evacuate the building for fire or any other emergency you can throw the visitor book under your arm and then use it to make sure you have accounted for all the people on your premises who are not staff, but can you read all the information, is the visitor book accessible? With electronic visitor management there are added benefits:

  • The information about who is onsite is live
  • When visitors have signed out they are removed from the who’s onsite list
  • You collect their contact details in case of emergency
  • The Visitor Pass prints automatically
  • The Visitor Pass is self adhesive so you don’t need expensive lanyards
  • You have a searchable database of who has visited your site
  • The information entered is legible
  • Department managers get notified when someone has signed in

Another great feature of the EzyVisitor Electronic Management System is that you can send a broadcast SMS to all visitors who are currently onsite (or those within a certain department) to alert them of any danger or issue they need to be aware of for safety.

If you are interested in this business opportunity you’ll be able to earn a reward that is not based on an hourly rate, but a percentage of the sale value and ongoing support!

What is the potential market

Any city office is a potential customer, but so too is your local school, daycare centre, hospital council and office building. There is the potential to revolutionise and what people commonly term “disrupt” the visitor book market and bring it to the modern internet-enabled age.

What’s included

Your Own EzyVisitor Account

Your own Visitor Management Account so you can learn how the system works and be able to demonstrate to prospective customers how the solution works.

Training on how to use it

This training is delivered online using the features of the Inductem Opportunity.


Input and output devices used with the solution are provided as well as the consumables used to print the visitor badges.


PowerPoint Presentations you can use to explain how the system works, A4 brochures and business cards so you can present a professional well planned operation.

Small Business Training

Small Business Course will give you a well rounded knowledge about how to manage the various aspects of a small business. If you operate well and run a successful small business then all parties will benefit.


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