Work From Home Contracting and Business Opportunities

In our daily contact with businesses we have a number of opportunities currently available. These opportunities will enable you to work from home for most of the time and earn money in an area of work that you are interested in. Best of all each of these opportunities enables you to work with an established business and receive product support training as well as become part of a community of contractors.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed here please be sure to follow the link to learn more and Register your interest.

Training and Education Course Creation and Support

EzyLearn LogoOnline Inductions for contractors and staff is a growing area in Australia. WH&S laws put the responsibility for training onto the owners, directors and managers of companies to ensure that they perform “due diligence” in informing their workers (both employees and contractors) about risks at their site.

Training is also very important to educate employees about how the company’s products and services work, how to provide good customer service and how to navigate their way around the company.

Join this team to learn about online induction course creation, learning management systems and student enrolment and course management. You’ll need to be a confident computer user and be able to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll have an opportunity to learn to record audio on top of a powerpoint presentation, convert that into a video format, host that videos at a video hosting service and implementing it into a learning management system and supporting the people who use it.

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Bookkeeping and MYOB Training Support

MYOB Bookkeepers Sydney Melbourne BrisbaneBookkeeping is a task that every business needs to do to ensure that their finances are up-to-date and in order. We are looking for people who want to operate their own business as a consultant to either help students learn how to use MYOB or help businesses who need help with their accounts using MYOB or Xero. You may end up helping teach a small business owner or worker how to use MYOB or you may end up doing the bookkeeping work for them as it’s needed.

This company needs people who are proficient at using MYOB software, but are also familiar with cloud based services and software include Xero and Intuit Quickbooks Online

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Website Management

123ezy website design and Internet marketingA website is an important tool for every business these days because it is the source of information about that business, including fundamental information like opening hours, location and contact details. WordPress is a great software tool that makes it easy to create a website and maintain a blog at that website. It’s also an important tool to help channel prospects onto landing pages that link out to more in-depth information if they want to explore more.

Online marketing using social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter is important, but most businesses and consultants want to be found on Google, Google Places, Google Adwords and Google Plus and have traffic brought back to their own website where they can build credibility and make special offers and track their visitor analytics.

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Quality-Content-for mobile and social website for real estate agentsContent Marketing and Business Blogging

Since blogging first began Google loved it because it enabled the search engine to deliver rich content and relevant information that people are looking for. We have been using content marketing since 2006 and we are looking to build a team of professionals who enjoy writing as much as they enjoy seeing the success that their writing brings to small businesses and independent contractors across Australia.

Requirements: We are looking for people with good writing skills who want to find fulfilling work from home helping write articles, interviews, white papers, case studies and other written content for small businesses around the country.

You would need to understand how to use WordPress, how to search for and find images that match the written content and how to insert links into text.

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