Contractor Management

What is Contractor Management?

Contractor Management is a system for verifying the authenticity and compliance of contractors who come to a site to perform work. It’s most commonly related to maintenance and engineering contractors who visit work-sites to perform work. Because they don’t go through the regular on-boarding process that regular staff go through it is important to have a system to ensure they are actually compliance with ASIC, their industry body for trade certification as well as insurances and safety procedures for the different type of work they perform.

Contractors and Visitor Management

Visitor Management Systems capture the details about everyone who comes to visit a site and some of those people may come irregularly. When you find you have many “regular” contractors coming to a site you can invite them to become registered members. This is particularly important if these people are performing work in sensitive or dangerous areas of the site.

Compliance Cloud

If a site wants a solution that focuses on the credentials and compliance of their contractors then they only need the Compliance Cloud, where all compliances are managed in the cloud. Sites can choose whether to manage the compliance information of just their supplier companies or the compliance information of each of their suppliers staff.

Requirements to be a Safety Compliance Agent

Compliance fits in the Work, Health and Safety or Governance Departments of most larger companies so it is important to know how to use a compliance system like EzyAccess, but more importantly to have some skills in Work, Health and Safety.

Knowledge of the Compliance Cloud

If you are familiar with the EzyVisitor system you’ll have the fundamentals of the Compliance Cloud. The next step is to upskill to learn about the contractor management and suppliers staff management aspects of the EzyAccess system.

Safety Knowledge

If you have experience in Work, Health and Safety or a qualification you’ll be in a good position to then start to help companies with the compliance requirements for each of the sites that use the EzyAccess system.

Safety, Risk and Compliance Agent

EzyAccessLogo(ComplianceCloud2)-redEzyAccess has built an online cloud-based system to help organisations of all shapes and sizes with their visitor management and contractor compliance. From a simple solution like an electronic visitor management system that uses the latest touch screen computers and helps organisations like schools, hospitals, building companies, councils and manufactures keep an electronic log of every visitor to their sites.

There is a strong need for safety and risk management systems in sites that have a lot of unknown visitors because of work, health and safety laws. Sites like office towers, councils, hospitals, building sites and schools have many visitors who come to the site to perform work. These people are not usually known to the site because they are employed by the suppliers to that site and this means that they don’t go through the normal HR checks of a new employee.
Checks for qualifications, insurances and licences are some of the credentials that our clients system helps manage. It even helps ensure that visiting workers to their site understand any risks involved in working at that site (including where there is any asbestos) and that they need to agree with the site policies and procedures (like where to park, privacy policy, bullying policy etc).

From a simple visitor management system to a  full compliance system our client has a solution and is looking for a team of people from all over Australia who would like to learn more, spread the word and support the use of this system.

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