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create your own online induction courses for contractorsLearn how to create an online training course

You could just learn how to create your own courses and then operate your own business, in which case you just need the training course. If you decide that you want to be part of the EzyLearn team we have assembled packages to help you get started under the EzyLearn brand, with stationary and even some marketing help. Here are the options:

Online Education Course

contractor induction course designThis course will teach you everything about how to create an online training course from scratch. You can learn about the various components at the EzyLearn website, but essentially you’ll learn about these skills:

  • Using PowerPoint to create an educational presentation with notes
  • Use Screen Recording software to turn the presentation into an audio visual presentation that students (inductees) can watch – this becomes just another medium that teaches students (as opposed to just writing text and inserting images)
  • Understand and Use Video Hosting – YouTube is the most well known video hosting service, but is based around advertising that takes the student out of and away from your course. You’ll learn not only about other “professional” video hosting services, but you’ll understand how to get statistics from those videos about how they are used, repeated and bounce out of.
  • Learning Management System – You’ll learn how training resources are managed in a professional LMS and how to manage the student enrolment process, including creation of student accounts and enrolment into courses.

$3497 once only

EzyLearn Inductions Professional Services Agreement first pageBusiness Opportunity and Brand License

If you have dabbled in your own business you’ll understand that it is a good idea to have a business plan to give you a constant clear focus on your goals. In this package you receive:

  • Enrolment in a Small Business StartUp Course
  • Templates for Professional Services, Code of Conduct and other documents used in the operation of a small business
  • Membership to the EzyLearn Service Provider System
  • Exclusivity (optional extra)
  • A Licence to use the EzyLearn brand and logo in your correspondence
  • Your own marketing number (for use at the EzyLearn site)

$497 pa

Stationary Pack

Business cards and a brochure are not necessary to build a network of potential customers, but they sure do make you feel like you have everything you need when you meet a new person or send something to them.

$397 Once only or as needed

Marketing Strategy Support

We’ll help you make some telemarketing phone calls, provide you with a PowerPoint Presentation and let you know how to get your first clients. This will be the basis for work that you’ll continue to do during the operation of your business. All businesses need to do this work regularly to find new prospects who will eventually turn into clients.

$2497 once only or as needed

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