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123ezy online marketing training coursesWhen you become a member of the 123ezy Directory you are provided with the training tools to create a website using WordPress, manage the website content, maintain a blog, perform SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), create a newsletter marketing system and maintain a list of subscribers. You’ll have access to a Small Business Management Course so you can develop a solid business plan and build a sustainable business and be able to participate in both physical and online discussion groups about the various tools available to improve your skills and your sales and business management.

In more detail these are the benefits:

WordPress Training Course

WordPress is to websites what Microsoft Word is to letter writing, except that it is free open source software. Although it is free you can produce very professional and sophisticated websites if you delve into the available themes, plugins, hosting services and security management. Again even though the software can be installed for free, your website will become a very important tool to help you generate sales and build a client base so you’ll want to protect it, keep it fresh and up-to-date. In this business opportunity we provide you with the WordPress Training Course from EzyLearn.

Google Courses

Learn how to use a variety of Google online marketing services – some rarely known these days but free and very effective. You’ll learn how to use these services in conjunction with your WordPress Website Training.

Small Business Management Course

Having a plan and a well thought out strategy is the key to success in every business and the Small Business Management Course from the Australian Small Business Centre provides you with a VERY thorough online training and support materials – including template files.

Directory Membership

As an Affiliate Member you will receive listing in our online marketing services directory. You’re name, image, expertise and experience will be listed along with a marketing number that we provide you with. Prospective clients will contact you directly

Total Cost is only $888 per annum

Added Benefits

As a member you can:

  • Attend all Sydney Based Small Business Meetings to improve your skills and keep you on track for small business success.
  • Have access to premium themes, plugins and ecommerce tools
  • Get featured in multiple online blogs
  • Contribute your experience and knowledge to be recognised as a proficient online marketer

What you’ll need

You’ll need to organise your own website hosting and create your own brand OR lease one of our online properties. There is an extra cost for these services and they are available separately to your Directory Membership.

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